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I think many will be aware there's a proposal that membership of the PCC should be put on a contractual basis, which I think would make it a lot more difficult for individual publishers to pull out of it. It still does depend on publishers joining voluntarily in the first place.

I think there are strong indications that all the major publishers will join a reformed PCC. I'm afraid I don't have an answer to -- there are always going to be some small publications which make a selling point out of being mavericks, and how you get Private Eye in I'm not quite sure, and I can understand why they would think they can't be part of any sort of collective organisation.

But the other arm to this, which I am also attracted by but which I think needs a lot of careful thought, is if the PCC can be made through some sort of arbitration system an alternative to the very, very expensive, time-consuming business of litigation, that may well be an added spur to publishers who might think they have some desire to be a maverick and not be part of it.

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