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All of the editors and group editorial director are part of that committee, but in essence how it works is the complaints filter directly through to the legal department. The legal department will deal with the complaints. If it's a financial settlement, then that goes elsewhere to the -- one of the group managing directors in negotiations with myself. And any apology or correction is dealt with by the legal department and the particular editor concerned.

We haven't yet had -- I was going to say an opportunity, but that's not the right word. A reason to convene as a whole, because we haven't had really anything that needed that level of discussion.

We have had an amplifications and clarifications column in the Daily Express I think for -- well, certainly since I've been there, since 2002. Anything that needs amplifying or correcting goes in there, and any other apology will be subject to negotiation with myself and the editor and the complainant, and that's how it works.

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