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No, not at all. Every paper -- I didn't bring every paper with me, but I'm sure we can justify my statement -- every paper every day for that period of time was talking about the McCanns. It was the hot story -- it was the story. And poor old Peter Hill, you know -- I remember that night after he was attacked by the chairman of the PCC, I remember calling him at 11 o'clock at night. I think he was convinced I was going to fire him. But I didn't fire him, I spoke to him from 11 o'clock for about two hours and my ex-wife spoke to him for about an hour afterwards, you know, because he'd done to the best ability -- report the facts. And unfortunately, when it came to it, as he said earlier, I mean, it's fair to assume that the Portuguese police that were giving him the information would have been a reliable source.

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