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May I start by reading out a letter from Reed Smith:

"Dear Judge

"We represent the right honourable Gordon Brown MP. You heard evidence from Kelvin McKenzie on Monday, 9 January. His evidence about an alleged call at the time of the Labour party conference of September 2009 was, I quote:

"'That night, a furious Brown called Murdoch and, in Rupert's words, "roared at me for 20 minutes".'

"When asked for the source for the story, Mr MacKenzie replied, 'It was Mr Murdoch.' His evidence was that:

"'At the end, Brown said, "You're trying to destroy me and my party. I will destroy you and your company."'

"The story is completely untrue. It is important that it does not become accepted as a fact. A respected national newspaper has already raised it as if it were a fact in the course of a PCC investigation of a complaint by Mr Brown which was upheld. Mr Brown has a clear recollection of the calls he had with Mr Murdoch when he was Prime Minister. He had no such conversation with Mr Murdoch at any time during the conference. Thus the words attributed to him by Mr MacKenzie were not said by him to Mr Murdoch and the statement attributed to Mr Murdoch by Mr MacKenzie is likewise factually wrong. The account is not an accurate reflection of events. Mr MacKenzie's hearsay statement was not tested as to its reliability or credibility in the Inquiry, yet the press reported it and that evidence substantially as fact.

"This incident provides an insight into the difficulties any individual faces in establishing a true and fair record of events.

"Yours faithfully."

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