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Absolutely. But also I think that we took the bull by the horns and, realising that we'd made a very large error, we wanted to correct it.

Now, if I can deal with the picture aspect. I think there was an allegation that we'd doctored the pictures or cropped -- or had done something with the pictures. Part of my picture editor's evidence in his bundle are the actual copies of the pictures taken at the time, and the decision was taken not to publish pictures of Miss Miller with children, (1) because of the obvious adult nature of the story, but more importantly is that we didn't have the permission of the children's guardian or parents, so to have a picture of her with, you know, young children in that environment of that story is -- I felt was not appropriate. And I'm very glad that I took that decision now, certainly with hindsight, because I think it would have been an even bigger mistake than we'd already made.

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