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I think it can work -- as I expressed, I think, in my first witness statement, is that the to-ing and fro-ing of information on a live investigation, certainly a high profile investigation, is often quite critical to finding -- you know, solving the issue. An example happened within this story, where we interviewed a pub landlord who had CCTV of Ms Yeates walking home, and I think it was if not the last, then certainly the penultimate piece of CCTV footage of her that evening. The police had interviewed the landlord but neglected to take away for some reason this CCTV, so we highlighted in the paper that we had this CCTV. As a result, the police went back to the pub and asked for the CCTV footage because obviously it might have contained some help.

So the point I'm making is that there is a general to-ing and fro-ing behind the scenes because we can be helpful to any investigation.

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