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No. I'm being all tabloid, I'm sorry. But there has been -- certainly in -- I mean, one of the sources of great controversy is the whole issue of paparazzi photographers. There has been a real move, certainly during my editorship, of an acknowledgment of the behaviours of some of the extremes of this and positive ways of dealing with that and preventing it. So the climate, which I mentioned earlier, I think is changing and that there is a greater thoughtfulness and that will continue. It's not a case of: right, we're all going to be good boys today and then tomorrow ... I think if you look at the trends and then look at the recent history of the tabloid press in particular, there has been an improvement and there will continue to be an improvement. The main reason there will be is because the readers let us know. If there is rubbish in the Daily Mirror, my readers tend to let me know in the most blunt terms: "Why are you doing stories about ex-celebrities? Why do we have to read this rubbish?" They're the ones that let you know.

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