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Yes. Again, I'm just concerned by the word "reasonable". I mean, if you take, for example -- this is quite a common situation I come across. Readers complain that they bought something off a business that's web-based only and their money's been taken and they haven't got their goods and can't get a refund and I'll have a look at the website and you click the "Contact us" button and you get no contact details at all. This is fairly common. You've probably seen it yourself. All you get is a blank form to fill out to put in your contact details and press "send" with your comments, and you hope the company will see it and they may or may not get back to you.

If we're going to argue, does that mean I'm being reasonable in attempting to contact them? They might say, "Look, we get 8,000 emails a day. How can you expect us --"

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