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One way that I do it is that I have a call with my top 200 managers every month. In that call, I update them on the performance of the business, challenges that we're facing, good things that we have done, performance and progress around the group which is, you know, reinforcing all the things that we're about that we're working towards, that -- a part of our strategy in a way that it takes the form of our operational performance. When those 200 managers get back to their desks, there is a briefing document of all of the things that I have said. The job of those managers is then to cascade that through the organisation, and the way the system works is we think it's important that everybody should hear that. Some people don't have computers, and if you're a van driver, for instance, or you're at the print site, that those messages are communicated to you and you have a personal briefing. I think that's just an example of one of the things that we do. I spend a lot of time out in the businesses, talking to people, and again, I do believe that a lot of the culture of the business is indeed vested in the chief executive, yes.

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