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No, I don't think that it does, and I think in a plc, you are looking for directors with a broad range of experience. You're looking for diversity in terms of experience and most certainly gender, and I think -- you know, the primary functions -- not exclusively, but the primary functions of the board are the strategy of the business -- is that the right one? Will it determine the best results for shareholders? The performance of the business. Is it performing in the way that it can and should be? Governance, as we've talked about earlier, and risk management. It tends to spend most of its time not necessarily at a high level, but -- the board can go wherever it wants to go, but broadly it -- where it focuses would fall into those categories, and it would not be usual for the detail of editorial matters, which is a matter for editors as you've heard today, to be discussed at the board.

I provide the board every month with a fairly lengthy chief executive's report that gives them my views on the business and performance and not just the numbers. We're trying to give greater clarity and understanding, but that's so that they can keep pace with the business as we're developing it. It's a fast-moving business now with lots of changes and that is the way that that is covered. But, no, I do not believe that Trinity Mirror has a gap that needs to be filled by not having that.

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