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No, I don't believe that I have, and I think that there are some important key differences in our portfolio. For a start, all of our regional newspapers are apolitical. That's enshrined in their articles and they're very much champions of local issues and local causes.

Insofar as The People, I thought it was a terrific idea. As Lord Justice Leveson has pointed out, The People and The Sunday Mirror actually do compete with each other on the newsstands, so there are a number of points of differentiation in their total packages but having another point of differentiation and that being a political one I thought was a terribly good and inspired idea from Lloyd.

My job is to -- is certainly to hire editors and to put them in post and then allow them to do their jobs and to edit and to ensure that they have the resources and the support to be able to do that, and so I assure myself that that is so by having regular conversations with them. But they will really be directionally about the paper and I need our editors to be on top of their game. It's a tough business that they work in, it's pretty relentless, and in my conversations with them, "What do you think about this, how are you thinking about that?", part of my job is to ensure that they can discharge those responsibilities and they are on top of the agenda and what's going on.

But I think also if you look if the Mirrors, they are very sure-footed in terms of their political positioning and it would just simply be unthinkable that that would change or I would attempt to change that or influence it. I mean, I'll give them points of feedback. I can remember, if you want an example, during the last American elections, when I felt that Richard's coverage was assuming a level of understanding that our readers would have about American politics that certainly I didn't have and I doubted whether they would have, and I gave him that feedback and said that more break-out boxes and explanation as to the system -- because we want to take our readers with us and make them feel good about what's going on and give them the currency to be able to discuss those things with friends, family, over the dinner table, and generally inform them. So I simply said to him: "I'm having difficulty with this, I think we could do a bit more explaining", and left it with him to think about that.

The biggest area that I've ever given any feedback on is the area of TV listings. I'm an ex-TV listings publisher, as you heard from --

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