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I wouldn't say regularly. From time to time. What I tend to do is host regular lunches for senior politicians, cabinet ministers, predominantly for our regionals editors. If you're an editor of a national newspaper, you can pretty much get to see whomever you want to. It's not quite the same if you're the editor of a regional newspaper. A politician may want to see you when they want to come to your city or town because they have a particular reason for doing that, but it's very important that our regionals editors are aware of the broader political agenda and it's good use of everybody's time. So I would invite a cabinet minister to lunch at Canary Wharf, I would host the lunch and they would agree to come on the basis that it will be a very good use of their time because they will get the editors from Coventry, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff all in the same room at the same time, so it would be a very productive lunch. Some of those issues that would be discussed would be local issues of concern. Others would be national issues, whether it be defence, education, health, whatever the editors wanted to raise with that minister.

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