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Two points there. Motorman we covered partly because I was involved in it. I was one of the names that -- someone had paid the detective, Whittamore, to find out all my phone numbers, and they came to see me and they said -- I mean, it's very, very good, that particular set of detective's notes, because he put who paid for it and what the numbers were. So he got my friend and family and my bank manager, which must have been dull, if they were listening to that, and I think that was it. That was the basic BT there. And they said this is going to be included in the report, but nothing came of it, no one was prosecuted, nothing happened. So I knew about that.

In terms of blagging, I don't throw my hands up at blagging. There have been some very effective blags. For example, the Channel 4 programme where someone pretended to be a lobbyist and a number of greedy MPs and members of the House of Lords came and offered to offer their services for free. That was good. The Sunday Times cases with FIFA or with the whaling inquiry -- I think you can get a bit sot of throwing out the baby with the bathwater in terms of how journalism operates.

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