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Yes. Not particularly in the realm, but I give that as an example because that's the one that always comes up and makes the most headlines. Finance was the other. The problem in France was that the contents of your own bank account were considered to be private in all situations at all times and there were cases in France where -- I mean, the minister in charge of raising taxes was paying no taxes, and one of the newspapers -- I think it was Le Canard Enchaine -- published details of his bank account and he said, "This is private. How dare you say I don't pay any tax? It's between me and the taxman." That doesn't strike me as being in the public interest.

I mean, seriously -- I mean, the French situation is terrible. They are now catching up with about two decades of news about their -- "My goodness, he had a flat with his mistress in it." "Did he?" "He was corrupt. Let's put him on trial." "He's nearly dead!" They are incredibly slow because of this extraordinarily reluctance to look at the private lives of the people who ran them. So I think you have to look at other countries.

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