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I think anybody who reads newspapers and a lot of newspapers after a while begins to see that the stories have an agenda and that that agenda must be dictated by someone. Most famously, Private Eye finds that if the Daily Mail runs a story, at some point there will be a reference to house prices in it and whether they're going to collapse spectacularly or rise. That's the joke, but it is an observation that most of the time, if you read papers carefully, you think: "Who decided the headline and the way that story is going to go?" The editor, you would guess. In some cases, the proprietor. That is why the story has been fed in that particular way. Mr Desmond is the worst example, obviously, and he's been in court about this and he's had libel actions with Tom Bower about whether he uses his newspaper in order to pursue certain agendas and certain claims. But the Murdoch press is pretty clear, I think, in a lot of its manifestations, on what the agenda is going to be and the paper follows it.

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