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The journalist in question put a number of questions to Mr Granger, and then, rather than reply to them, we had a threatening letter from his lawyers saying, "These are private and confidential matters", and again, this was the man who -- under whose -- on whose watch, under whose directorship, a vast amount of public money had been effectively wasted, something like £12 billion. You can take whatever the last estimate is on this utterly useless system which we'd been writing about for quite a long time. So we thought it was a reasonable question to find out what he was doing next: is he going back into public employ? Is he a consultant? Where has he ended up? But he said, "This is private, this is none of your business", and his lawyers sent that letter, and when they send that letter, the immediate question is: how much -- is it worth fighting this? Is it worth going on with this? How much is this going to cost? Do we need this as well as whatever else we're doing?

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