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If I can, again, make a general honest remark. I think there are many people outside the United Kingdom who look at the British press with jealousy, due to the extent of competition and choice in this marketplace, and due to the ability of the press in general terms in the United Kingdom to examine stories, issues, to report with a freedom and holding to account that is not evident in other markets, which is a combination of the resources available to the press here, and the fact that -- and those resources essentially flow from the fact that there is a much greater readership of newspapers in the United Kingdom than certainly other European countries, with the exception of, I think, Germany -- and due to the history of the free press here. So everything might not be perfect but if we look at the great array of stories published in this country over the last decade, there is only a minute fraction of them which have been of particular interest to this Inquiry.

I think that point of balance needs to be considered.

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