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So we have definitely seen that the usage of cash payments has gone down considerably. So I think up until December -- so we run over a financial year ending 30 June, so up until December, so six months, our cash payments were less than £50,000, which was significantly less than what they had been in the past. So I think, you know, the journalists, certainly within that first six months, were very nervous in relation to cash payments and obviously we were doing a lot of training and reinforcing a lot of policies. So I think there's just a lot more awareness of cash payments and the fact that we always have stipulated that where possible, we should use non-cash payments as a general practice. So I would say that yes, we have seen a reduction to that.

In relation to staff expenses, I think staff expenses, certainly over the last few years and since we implemented the new policy in March 2010, have been pretty consistent.

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