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So the system that you talk about, ie having an independent regulator which the press funds and the press respects but does not appoint, does not set the rules, does not manage the adjudications, that seems to me to be entirely right. As we say in the leader, we have to move away from a system where we're seen to be marking our own homework. So an independent regulator is essential.

What I don't like is the prospect of that being enacted by Parliament, because my concern is that once you have that legislation on the statute book, any future infringements by the press, any future failings by the press -- and there will be -- there will be -- whatever we come up with here, there will be shortcomings -- it gives politicians the opportunity to say, "Well, Lord Justice Leveson's work was good but we're going to just ratchet it up a little bit through this amendment or through that small act of legislation", and that's something I'd like to -- I hope that this Inquiry will think about.

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