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Yes. So I personally -- if you're saying that there would need to be a statute passed in order to give that force, I wouldn't be against the use of statute. If you made that -- it was written into law so that the powers this regulator had in order to be able to perform this adjudication function -- if the law needs to be changed by statute in order to do that, I would have thought that is something the industry ought to welcome because it's going to help us out of this problem of libel.

The third bit, which is the most wriggly and difficult bit, is how you deal with refuseniks and whether you need a statute in order to compel everybody in in order to be able to then have the system that works for everybody, and I think that's the most difficult bit. In a way, it's connected with the first bit, ie. do you set it up by statute or are you just recognising this organisation by --

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