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We will often speak to the PR and get confirmation that way rather than waiting for it to come out, but yeah, we will speak to them. We have numerous sources and we operate in the same way that a news desk would operate, so we will have sources who are the celebrities themselves who we have access to at events or if they've done an interview with us, or it could be the PR representative of that celebrity. Occasionally we will have a source who might be a reader who's phoned in, but that's very rare, actually, and then there will be very trusted sources that our news journalists use.

In our best practice guidelines, it is best practice for us to at least double source the stories that we're putting in. Often we might triple source just to get the full picture, because as I've explained it's about a numerous amount of factors that go into what's going on in the celebrity's world. So I don't think one single source, unless it come from the celeb themselves, is enough.

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