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Yes. As I explain in this statement, there are two kinds of press photographers. There are either ones who are on staff for the papers. They just occasionally show a modicum of decency, although they didn't in the case of, recently, my baby. They staked out a new mother for three days. She couldn't really leave her home.

And then there are the much worse freelance paparazzi who are increasingly -- well, the police tell me they are increasingly recruited from criminal classes and very often they have criminal records, they have been in different fields of crime previous to being paparazzi and who will really stop the nothing, who show no mercy, no ethics, because the bounty on some of these pictures is very high, and I suspect that the ones who, for instance, were chasing my girlfriend and her children, were those freelance types. I suspect they were the ones who try to -- who always try to take pictures up girls' skirts and then digitally remove their underwear because they can sell the picture for a little more if they do that. I suspect they are the ones who were following Princess Diana when she died and whom the tabloid papers, particularly the Daily Mail, promised they would never buy pictures from again but which they subsequently did, about three months later.

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