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What happened was we -- what's actually good about this case actually to bring it up is the way things were changed in the magazine. Like many magazines and publications, we buy interviews from agencies who are doing round-table chats when celebrities want to promote their films. So we bought this interview in and published it.

Now, we didn't actually put in the magazine that it was exclusive or that Sienna spoke to OK!. That was put on the website. So we never put "exclusive" in the magazine because it wasn't an exclusive interview. The fact that they state it was "various interviews given by Sienna" really concerned me.

So since then, whenever we buy an interview in, we always say to whichever agency, "You do have the tape, you can categorically tell us that you do have the tape" and I've told the writers to do that because I think that's so important, because obviously there were some agencies literally putting together quotes that the celebrity did give, but they could be out of context, because it's not just one long-running interview.

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