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To be honest with you, I've always been confused about that. He was not wearing a uniform, but for some reason I've always told the story as a policeman, and maybe he had a rank or something. I wish I could tell you accurately and I can't find -- I've looked everywhere for the details of the meeting. I mean, it definitely happened. I didn't make it up. He came to my house, he sat in my kitchen and he told me that they had arrested a private detective, a private investigator, who -- whose notebook contained intimate personal details on a number of people and I was one of them. And that it contained my address, the address of my -- some close friends, relations. I remember him saying phone numbers, although I know you're about to contest that, but I can't imagine they'd come to tell me they had my address because everyone had my address. I said, "Who's this person working for?" And he said, "Well, it looks from his notebook like he's working for most of the British press."

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