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Thank you. Having painted the background scene, can we move on, please, to some editorial practices. My first question -- I'm going to start with Mr McLellan. I'm reading from your witness statement where you tell us about your attitude to sources, and in particular an editor's knowledge of sources. You say:

"There is an absolute requirement on the part of a reporter to divulge full details of how a story came to light if asked by the editor. The senior team are aware of this policy and it is understood the editor will need to know exactly how the stories have been obtained.

"Example 1, the Evening News: I refused to publish a story and then threatened a reporter with disciplinary action for refusing to divulge the identity of a source."

I'm going to ask the other witnesses in a moment about this same theme, but if I could ask you, Mr McLellan, what is the rationale behind that approach?

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