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I'm the same as Spencer really. Complaints come to me and I either -- we will publish a large number of these, I'll engage with the complainants either by writing to them directly or by publishing my views alongside theirs in the paper. We don't have a formal readers' editor column as such, but we do, in common with most papers these days, have a prominent clarifications and corrections section.

There's two elements to this really. One is whether or not you have a system which reflects openness and a willingness to accept criticism and other people may have a view to what you've published and the question you raised at the outset is whether or not this helps deflect expensive litigation. My view is that an open attitude that's prepared to publish criticism is a good thing from the point of view that Mike raises, but as far as deflecting litigation is concerned, if somebody thinks they have a case worth money, no readers' editor column in the world is going to stop them going after you for cash.

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