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We're very fortunate, we have a large comment and opinion section, and it's a variety of different lengths in there, so we're quite happy to give people the right of reply that is neither a follow-up story, which is a disguised correction, or something in the letters page. We can offer something that's somewhere in -- there's an alternative to that and we do that quite regularly, and in fact, in the spirit of openness and debate, we're quite happy to do that. It's not something that we feel that we're backed into.

If someone has a different view, then I feel that's a positive thing to be able to allow them to express that in our pages. In fact, with our columnists, we almost encourage our columnists to argue with each other, so there's a free flow of opinions, and that helps demonstrate that we don't regard ourselves as having the monopoly of wisdom over anything we publish.

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