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It's going to be very hard to put the genie back in the bottle with this information overload. For our own newspaper, we will think very hard about putting minor court cases up in the first place because there is the issue of spent convictions. Obviously historical issues in Northern Ireland and the Troubles are up there for anyone to see. In fact, our Troubles archive is a unique resource for people. But I think -- and we will also go back in and correct stories, and that's about as much as we can do once it's out there.

I think there has to be -- things you mentioned about court cases and people looking at past stories about them, it's an issue for everybody. The courts as well as newspapers. And all we can do with our own sites is do what we do now, which is correct and take down. Certainly in terms of previous convictions, which is your concern there.

I think the other side of it, though, is once it's out there as a story that someone did something ten years ago, it's just out there, it's a matter of record. I'm not so sure that is necessarily a bad thing.

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