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I would just like to say in a lot of cases nowadays chance would be a fine thing. One of the things that followers of the Inquiry might have formed the impression that this is going on all the time. I have to say that the way that information is closed off these days by organisations employing huge numbers of press officers to stop the sort of thing that you're talking about is enormous. In some areas press officers outnumber journalists.

The old arrangements which we all are old enough to come up with of talking to a policeman on a basis of trust in a way that John said, in a way that we should do, that's what we employ people for. We employ people to get around press officers, let's be honest. But actually the truth of the matter is perhaps apart from -- and I've edited quite a bit around the UK but actually my experience is a gradual closing down of these things to the point where it's bad for democracy. The amount of crime that happened in your patch hardly gets reported, so -- sorry, I didn't quite answer your question there, but I think it's --

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