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There is also a balance for us as editors to make sure that our pages are not crammed full of depressing news about our communities and the only picture we paint of our communities is a relentless one of crime ridden estates where everybody lives in fear of their lives. We have to strike a balance. Certainly the courts, more now than ever before, are the preserve of agencies. Some are very good agencies who supply very reliable copy.

There's a case just going through the PCC recently which was a mistake as a result of information passed on in good faith by court officers, a Crown Court, where the case was -- I think it was Cardiff Crown Court it actually went through and the case was involving somebody living in a newspaper area that was not in the Cardiff area and the information was picked up wrongly and the result was a complaint.

I think it's fair to say that we don't staff up district courts and magistrate courts the way we used to. I used to spend every Monday and Tuesday in Chester Magistrates Court and knew the clerks and lawyers and it was a great grounding, but I doubt very much whether or not the local papers are staffing magistrates courts at the same level as we used to. We certainly in Edinburgh, the Edinburgh Evening News hasn't staffed the sheriff's court regularly for the best part of 15 years.

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