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When I was editor at the Scotsman, which is a few years ago now, coming up to the election the Scotsman came out for the SNP in the election under my editorship, or was about to, and the chief executive -- this is all a matter of record -- approached me at the time and said, "Look, you're the editor, I understand all that, but we're a little concerned about what you're doing in the Scotsman", as is right that he should do so, he's the chief of the company. We had a discussion about the position of the paper and in the end, as he rightly admitted, it was my decision and although he wasn't in favour of it, we did come out in favour and say that the SNP should win that election.

So that's the sort of relationship that I've always had. Absolutely right we have a discussion, a sounding board and positions and fears. Obviously this was more on the business grounds, I think, were the fears at the time. But having listened to what he said and having talked and thought where our readers were, which is much more important, at that time we thought it was time for a new government and we carried on supporting the SNP.

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