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I think it's worth bearing in mind for a local paper the politicians that reporters have most contact with will be local councillors. You need to keep that context in mind. We're not talking about having conversations with ministers of state or the high and mighty. We do also talk to our MPs and our Welsh Assembly members, but we all live in the same town, so our contact, I would say, is constant and everyday.

Yes, we always ask them to support our campaigns. They always seek the newspaper's support for their objectives. Their objectives and our campaigns often chime. They tend to be retaining local facilities or jobs so it's not a case of anybody being in another person's pocket. Why the relationship is close inevitably is because it's geographically close. It's not cosy in the sense that we wouldn't criticise what they're doing. Tory and Lib Dem MPs are quite rare in South Wales but we do have a Labour government in Cardiff and while I meet and speak to the AMs regularly, we won't hesitate to criticise Welsh government policy.

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