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Sure. I think from a very straightforward point of view I think whatever system we have in the future, I think what we in Scotland need is an assurance that we have the same kind of representation that we have just now, not necessarily from a point of view of an editor from Scotland being on whatever the PCC/Press Standards Authority, whatever it may be called is concerned, but there's a guarantee that someone from Scotland is involved in the new process.

I think there's a pretty strong likelihood that serving editors will no longer be part of the day-to-day Commission. I think we all pretty much accept that's likely to happen. So therefore that removes the guarantee that Scotland has of a representation on the body, and I think we'd really be looking for some kind of replacement that enshrines a Scottish place in the new body, not necessarily a serving editor as at present.

Certainly as far as -- and similarly for the Code Committee. Obviously the Code Committee issues are different to those being discussed as far as the make-up of the Commission itself is concerned. But that would certainly go a long way to guaranteeing that we have that unique representation on the new body.

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