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We heard from Lord Hunt just before Christmas about the hope that by reforming the way in which we regulate internally will reduce the workload on the current complaints body, which will free up resources to pay for the enhanced functions that are being talked about around the edges of the current system.

I think we have to give that a chance, if we can, by being more proactive on our side, and with the PCC, or whatever it's called, passing more things back to us. If resources can be freed up within the existing arrangement and the enhancements can be funded from within the existing payments, then great, but we will have to see whether or not that actually happens. I have doubts as to whether or not it will be as simple as that, but if there is a brief from within the organisation that we can reapportion resources by taking on more base then we will -- that's something which the industry, I think, will have to take on board.

For the national papers, not such a problem because they have managing editors, deputy managing editors, assistant managing editors. For us it probably means more work for us as individuals, but that's just the way it is.

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