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Yes. They rang my lawyer -- the police rang my lawyer, wanted to show me some evidence. They came around and, as was one of the previous witnesses today explained, it's quite a formal thing. They get out these pages and they formally announce them, then they say, "Would you have a look at this page. Is there anything you recognise?" And I looked at it and saw various phone numbers of mine from the middle of the 2000 up to about 2005, something like that, together with some PIN numbers, together with some access numbers. You know, you used to get a separate phone number to ring your messages remotely from another phone. And then there were other names I recognised on there. People around me, girlfriends, people I knew, numbers, words that all sort of made sense.

In one particular case, it triggered a memory of a couple of stories that had been in the Daily Mirror and in the Daily Mail and I found that interesting. But when you see these pieces of paper in the police inquiry, they redact certain bits, including the famous top left-hand corner, which is where Mulcaire kept the initials of the particular journalist who had commissioned the phone hacking, and so subsequent to that interview with the police, I was very interested to know who had commissioned that particular page of hacking, seeing as it hadn't -- this particular story had not appeared in the News of the World but had appeared in the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror.

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