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There is a difference -- there is a huge amount of convergence but there are also differences between press freedom and freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is the broader right of individuals, as much as organisations, news organisations, whatever, to express themselves freely in all contexts but within the boundaries of law.

We take a -- what I regard as a reasonable but a fundamentally principled view on free expression, which is: where there needs to be curtailment of that free expression, it needs to be very clear and it needs to be narrow. We work from very strong -- a very strong belief not only in the American version of the first amendment but in the European equivalent, namely Article 10, while at the same time not in any way diminishing the competing rights.

Therefore, our brief -- we are not -- Index, even though -- and it's obviously an area you will wish to come to -- we, together with PEN and others, have been leading the libel reform campaign. That could be seen to be -- and we've had very good working relations with newspapers on that front. We represent the interests of no media organisation.

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