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I think there are two things here which are becoming confused, which is the harm of a publication in a newspaper, which may be the result of a story that has been generated by someone who has some connection with JK Rowling and has chosen to give that story to the newspaper -- now, that may be morally objectionable, but unless some real harm is consequent upon it, it seems problematic to make it illegal.

On the other hand, if you're talking about real intrusion and somebody actually, as we heard from JK Rowling, somehow invading her daughter's private space and putting a note in her daughter's school bag, or the doorstepping or the long lenses through the window, I think there's a very different wrong that's taking place that has very little to do with Article 10 rights at all. It's about -- it's a form of trespass or a form of intrusion, which I think the law could look at very severely.

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