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I think those are points that are taken from the Index on Censorship submission. I'm happy to expand on those. I think one of the greatest innovations that we currently have in the press is the internal ombudsman, the readers' editor, which the Guardian and the Observer have blazed a trail in appointing, but it's an internationally recognised model, and I would certainly be interested in a regulator which obliged members of that regulator to have an internal ombudsman as a first port of call. I think the vast majority of complaints can be resolved very quickly and effectively if there is someone inside the newspaper who is able to resolve complaints but is editorially and commercially independent, and I think that independence is something to be cherished. It's unusual at the Guardian and the Observer because of the nature of their ownership by the Scott Trust, but I certainly see no reason why other newspapers couldn't be obliged to have a similar function in-house.

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