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I'd obviously completely endorse that. We spent several years of our lives trying to achieve sensible libel reform and we are very keen to see that completed.

Just one very small point about the chilling effect. Sometimes people talk about the "chilling effect" of law or regulation as if it's desirable, as if it's necessary there should be a deterrent. Now, obviously law serves a deterrent purpose but the chilling effect is something quite different. The chilling effect of a bad law or a law which is badly applied or inaccessible is that certain subjects simply go unreported. So in libel we've had evidence from publishers that a majority of publishers will now not touch certain individuals. They won't commission books or biographies about them because they're so litigious that they know they might be financially destroyed if they did so.

So I think we need to very careful about the nature of the chilling effect and to make sure that the law is right, that it's accessible either through a regulator or through the courts in the best form. But essentially just to say thank you very much for being here, for letting us come.

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