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No. It's quite difficult to do that with me. What I decided to do -- and I will tell you exactly what I've decided to do -- is to look rather carefully at what has been happening. I have not studied the legislative pre-scrutiny. I don't know precisely what the provisions proposed are. I've not seen precisely how they fit in to my terms of reference. But what I will do is I will do that, particularly if you have any material that will help me do it, and I will then make the position clear.

I would be very surprised if anything that I was doing should prevent legislation being proposed and advanced because libel is not specifically within the terms of my reference, but I felt it wrong to shoot from the hip, as it were, in response to your submission, which I've seen before. I would rather make a considered response. You've seen that during the course of this Inquiry, periodically I say things at an unexpected time in an unexpected way. I have very much your request in mind. I will consider it, but I hope you will not consider it discourteous if I take just some moments to think about what I should say and how I should say it.

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