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Firstly, it's clearly widespread concern about the ever-increasing sexualisation and objectification of women, as highlighted and outlined in the recent government commissioned reviews, the Bailey review and before that, the review into the sexualisation of young people.

It is clear that the Page 3 tabloids contribute to a culture in which women are perceived as existing for the sole purpose of providing these sex objects or being sex objects, essentially. What is particularly harmful about this is that these images exist within mainstream newspapers, which are not age-restricted and are openly displayed at child's eye level, despite the fact that such material would be prohibited from the workplace -- because of equality legislation it would be considered a form of sexual harassment -- and despite the fact that such sexually objectifying and degrading images would be restricted on broadcast media before the 9 pm watershed.

So essentially what we are proposing is that there are very simple solutions to tackle the sexualisation and objectification of women in the mainstream Page 3 tabloid press.

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