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Essentially what we're trying to illustrate here is the extent to which women are persistently and relentlessly portrayed as a sum of sexualised body parts within the Page 3 tabloid press. I think you will find that there is a sort of gradient of extremity running from the Sun to the Daily Star to the Sport, which I know I have given copies to everybody, but what runs -- the common theme throughout this is the Page 3 feature, which is of a topless or sometimes fully nude young woman, who is sexualised and objectified. It isn't actually restricted only to the third page. In the Sport it's on every page, including the front page. The same would be the case for the Star.

In the Sun, we have the Page 3 girl. We have the Dear Deirdre, which is essentially a daily agony aunt and is another staple of the Sun but provides another example of always being accompanied by a woman in her underwear, essentially, who is sexualised in this way. It's one of the many examples within the Sun of the way in which women are portrayed.

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