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Yes. We actually also referenced the Facebook murder as an example of this and again, some of those family killings over the Christmas period. What we feel is that a lot of the coverage of cases of violence against women, whether that's sexual violence or other forms of violence against women, have a considerable focus on the perpetrator in often quite a sympathetic way. So he was depressed, he was losing his job, he feared that his wife was going to leave him, he was provoked. She said something that triggered him in some way. And often it's amazing how little you find out about the woman who is actually the victim. Whilst -- again, I think the point that was made by my colleagues. It's not that those things are not valid to be said. They are. There will be all sorts of reasons that may cause a man to be violent, but the point is ultimately he has been violent, he has chosen to be violent and there is a context for that and there is another half to that story, which is what's been happening in the lives of that woman and of women more generally.

And again, putting it in context of the statistics, when you look at two women a week being killed by their partners or ex-partners, there is a kind of a context there which needs to be addressed, and the tendency to kind of obscure the victim so you find out virtually nothing about her, or worse, in many cases, to scrutinise her very intensely and actually look at what was her behaviour and what was her lifestyle like. Was she a difficult person? Did she say unpleasant things? Was she having an affair? She may have been, and all those things might be reprehensible or dislikeable or may make the situation more difficult, but the way it's portrayed all too often is -- the implication and what the reader could go away with is the impression that there is a validation or a justification or an explanation of why that man would commit that violence, and these things do have an implication for whether a woman will report a case or not. Will she blame herself? That's particularly the case in rape instances that we deal with. I think we're going to come to that later.

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