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Yes. If I'm really honest, this is where it becomes quite difficult because understandably the media are reporting the cases that go to court and they're reporting the cases that are, in their view, or what they perceive to be their readers' views, the most interesting, the most different, or unusual, or in many cases, the ones that most fit with what their readers' own views are or how they view society.

So I can see how this happens, but it's kind of which comes first. These two things feed off each other. Something like only 8 per cent of rapes are the kind of stranger who leaps out of a bush on a dark night or attacks a woman sleeping in her bed at night. That is about 8 per cent of rapes. The rest are acquaintance rapes, date rapes, market tall rapes. You would never know that from reading the papers, but that feeds a discourse around what is a "real" rape, who is a "real" victim, who is a "real" rapist, and where that becomes particularly harmful for us is we will find examples of women saying that they will blame themselves, that they shouldn't come forward because they were drinking or wearing certain clothes or they'd known this person, it was a friend of theirs, or even, in some cases, they'd had sex with them in the past, and what they have read in the papers or heard in the discourses is that in some way they are responsible for that, that that's not "real" rape.

So where it's harmful is it actually can deter women from reporting rape. This is similar with false allegations. Again, there is a very significant intense interest in reporting so-called false allegations of rape. Again, there's very little contextualisation around how common is a false allegation of rape compared to a false allegation of other crimes. What goes on that causes a false allegation? What is recorded or reported as a false allegation? It could be no crime. It could actually -- there's a whole series of things that actually could get reported as a false allegation where actually it may just have been that there was no conviction.

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