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Yeah, in the end, having held off all that time from all these inquiries and this brinkmanship from the British papers, a magazine in America, US magazine, seemed to have got hold of the story and they published, at which point I was in a sort of no-win situation. I, in the end, decided the best thing to do -- because the story within hours was going to go everywhere, particularly into the British tabloids and I was very anxious that they would give it a twisted spin, so I thought the best thing to do would be to be as honest about the thing as possible, so I said I was delighted with the birth but I did not want the papers to write a twisted version which suggested that Tinglan was a jilted girlfriend, so I tried to find a form of words to say that she was a friend but had not been a formal girlfriend and that therefore there was no question of her having been jilted as a pregnant mother.

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