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First of all -- well, first of all, there were some supportive pieces as well, especially in the broad sheets, that said that -- you know, gave me some credit for having put my hand up and said, "This is my baby and I'm delighted with it", and providing for the child and the mother. The hatchet jobs -- that's fine; I expect hatchet jobs. That's been the story of the last 17 years. But it always does make you grind your teeth slightly when they're based on falsities and misreporting and a lot of those hatchet jobs were based, for instance, on the fact that I now had a 21-year-old German girlfriend, whereas in fact I don't. That was an invented girlfriend, invented by a German tabloid and then copied out faithfully by British hacks and it was also based on -- the hatchet jobs were based on the fact that I'd appeared to only visit for half an hour callously the day after the birth, when in fact if I'd been a really good father, I wouldn't have visited at all, seeing as it brought down a press storm on the mother's head.

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