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It was set up about three years ago to provide some kind of oversight of the editorial operation. I report to them twice a year. I submit a written report to them twice a year, and we have a meeting at least twice a year, where they're able to talk to me about the work of the agency. Of course, I tell them about the good things that we do, but I also tell them about the mistakes that we've made and if any lessons can be drawn from those mistakes, what I'm doing to and what I and my team are doing to change our editorial procedures, to tighten up, to try and make sure that they don't happen again.

As I understand it, the Trust or the Consultative Committee, I think is its formal title, is independently constituted and it submits a report to the main board of the Press Association in time for the annual report, to report on our editorial activities.

As I say, it's been in existence for about three years. I think it probably was a foresighted decision to set it up. It certainly has, I think, been able to provide reassurance to our customers about the quality of the editorial service and also reassurance to the journalists who work at the PA as well. And it's been very useful for me as well because it does mean that of necessity I have to focus on editorial standards, and when things go wrong, I have to consider what I'm going to tell them about it and what I need to do about it to make sure things like that don't happen again.

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