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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to submit my application for core participant status. I feel that I would help this Inquiry possibly understand reasons why there were delays with the initial police investigation, and this is possibly from my perspective going back to 2006.

However, I don't feel my personal investigations or interaction with the police is central to this Inquiry, as you outlined, but it's more to do with you being aware of the information I submitted to your secretary and taking it on board. It's just due to the fact that Operation Weeting, which I understand is the latest version of the police -- the Metropolitan Police's attempt to actually investigate or get to the bottom of the phone hacking, is undergoing, I'm told, and my legal representatives are experiencing one or two issues with that, so while they're in the midst of the Operation Weeting investigation, I'd rather focus on that at this point and leave my application for core participant with yourselves.

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