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Well, in the first place, I have been the subject of grotesque media abuse, for which I got no redress. I have supplied the Inquiry with the full details of that. I have also been somebody who's tested out the PCC to destruction, and they just are not only self-interested, but I would say deliberately corrupt. They simply refuse to take any case, and this was a case which was a gross libel of me by the Mirror back in 1997, which accused me of being a dangerous, crude racist. Completely false. They claimed they'd got letters proving this, but then had to admit that they'd never got -- they'd never had sight of any such letters, and I submitted all this to the PCC. They refused to act. I got Mike Jempson, who was director of PressWise, as it was in those days, to write to them. Again I have supplied the Inquiry with a series of letters between Mike Jempson and the PCC, which are an utter disgrace.

There is in the Articles of Association of the PCC clause 53.5, which actually says in effect they can just say they won't take a case without giving any reason. It's as bad as that.

In addition to that, and this is where it gets --

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