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With respect, the pressure that I've been applying is very much evidence-based. You say there are no offences being committed. There are many, many offences being committed. It just doesn't happen to include newspapers at the moment, so far as I can see. I don't think it's going to strengthen my case if I add further cases. The previous government accepted the need to respond to the T-Mobile loss of customer data, and had a consultation in the autumn of 2009 about activating Section 77 and 78 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act, and then it all went quiet. Why did it go quiet? Because the press went into full defence mode again saying this is an absolute outrage, it would chill investigative journalism, and by the way, we don't do that sort of thing.

We just can't seem to get past -- I'm hoping very much this Inquiry will do that -- we can't get past the government saying "Love to help you, but Lord Justice Leveson is looking at all of this".

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